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picture2web create without effort and programming skills your own pictures gallery for Web .

Select images for gallery, set category names, enter descriptions, start ....view your new gallery created with picture2web gallerymaker on the Internet.


Image gallery is automatically sorted by landscape and portrait format.
All images are converted to aine designated size .
The formats " GIF ", " PNG ", " JPG ", " BMP" support by picture2web .
All images from gallery are automatically adjusted to screen size( size can be set as a percentage of the screen size) .
If exif data are available , images are automatically rotated.
For each image, a title and a description can be entered.
picture gallery is automatically transferred to the web server.

image protection

Protect yout images against image-theft and Deep-linking
All functions are controlled.
Many functions also ar available as random function.
All images of gallery are divided into 9 portions and stored in a non-standard format for images .
In each image , a watermark (copyright) is intergrated , download position and orientation is either for all images ( portrait and landscape format separately ) or adjustable separately for each image.
color of watermark is automatically set for each image to a high contrast with background.
All images are overlaid by a transparent image , making it difficult to download them .
When you open image files on a PC is only a copyright displayed.
When you press button ( Print Screen ) is a warning about legal consequences
unauthorized retransmission displayed.
right mouse button is locked on request for picture gallery.
images can be sorted ascending/descending descending odwer name on/filtered by date .
header of each file has its own navigation or headline can additionally (own files needed) are displayed
For each file, a footer ( footer) can be displayed (own files required).

PHP required on the Web server.


After the first start the program, you first create a new project.

Click on images/categories to add or rename.
The Pictures folder is opened.
Create it in the images folder for each category a folder with the corresponding images in it.
This folder should not be called "pictures"!
The image name of Madison any of the following characters: @, €. Example: located in the Images folder a folder named birthdays, birthdays Gallery is from the images is created (upper/lower case)
. Example: images/jpg
Birthdays/....*. Example: images/jpg nature/....*

. Image descriptions:
Give them each in the upper line the caption and in the bottom line a description of the image.
Click in the "Watermark position" on one of the white points to the position of the watermark to determine.
Click in the "alignment watermark" to determine on one of the white points to the orientation of the watermark.
If they have chosen a diagonal orientation, applies right/left up/down.
The position and orientation of the watermark can gemeinsamm also for all the images in the "Settings" menu can be selected.
In this case, the settings made here are of no effect.
Do they have their captions, descriptions, etc. completed, so click on the lower end to save.

All values marked with "random" can be configured as follows:
1 (value is 1)
"1,2,30" (value is randomly set to 1.2 or 30)
"1-10" (value is randomly set to a value between 1 and 10)
auto contrast calculates the average color of the image, and makes it the color of the watermark with the highest or lowest contrast.
Autocontrasto is set to 0, the values apply waterred, water green, water blue for the Wassezeichen.
To use your own image as a watermark to replace the file "logo.gif" in the Project folder with their own (image width should be between 200 and 600 pixels are).
Too small image size leads to poor quality.
Once you have adjusted all the settings click on "Save".

To insert a navigation on a need for additional upper edge of the picture, they create the folder "web" a file
indexnavi.php (overview page),
kategorienavi.php (category pages)
bildernavi.php (picture side)
The content of the pages is displayed over the rest of the page.

The Config folder contains files Deutsch.txt and englisch.txt, these include the text of the created zip files.
In the file gallerymaker.css color and size of the navigation can be customized.

After the upload of the folder "web" folder should "images" inclusive contained folders and files
with the rights 111 (ChMode) or FireFTP "Recursive Properties", all folders contained, all files are 111 provided.

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Corresponds to full version,
all images will be provided with a watermark.
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A maximum of 5 categories and 30 images per category. 9,90 USD

A maximum of 10 categories and 50 images per category. 17,50 USD

A maximum of 30 categories and 100 images per category. 55,5 USD

No limit to categories, no limit to number of images. 172 USD

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