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Ruckzuck watermark, this program is Windows 10 compatible

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Ruckzuck watermark


Easy Watermark in many photos - Freeware

Signing your images/photos with Ruckzuck watermark.

Watermark program/image protection.

Ruckzuck watermark is software for posting photographic images or graphics on the Internet or digital to pass in a different form, as well as for photographers and graphic designers.

Protect them with their pictures watermark/copyright theft and piracy.

Ruchzuck watermark binds watermark in their digital images.
The program processes all the photo folders in one operation.

It will automatically use the best color for the watermark.

New in Ruckzuck Watermark 4.0:
project management (Only test and Business versions)
.You can use any TTF font from your PC for Using Watermarks Hotel (not in the free version included).
The orientation and location of the watermark can now be set separately for vertical and horizontal format
The trial version provides full inserted an additional watermark.
The freeware version is limited to 1 image per day. There is nospecial positions and no project management.

  Click on one of the images to see examples:  

create watermark/insertwatermark sample imageimage as a watermark sample imagewatermark example imagesample image logo as watermark>sample image watermarkimage watermarkwatermark For imagesimage watermark Software products createsample pictures watermark programwatermarkimage watermark software is addwatermarked imageswatermarked images
The program is easy to use and easy to convert entire folders of images in one operation .

The location and orientation of the watermark can be easily selected with this program.

The size and transparency of the watermark can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.

And the highlight, the program automatically selects a color with optimum contrast of the watermark to the background. automatic color

The color contrast of the watermark can be adjusted.

You can use a transparent image in format gif or png as watermark.
location, orientation, size and transparency can also be selected for the pasted image.
The images are automatically rotated by Exif data.

The image size can be adjusted as desired.
The angle of the watermark to 90 ° be freely chosen.

This program is for everyone, from children to seniors insert possible to easily and quickly watermark in any number of images.

The color contrast of the watermark can be adjusted.
Enter in color contrast 0 in to gestallten the watermark very inconspicuous.
you can specify the abstand of the watermark from the edge of the image (in percent)
or calculate the program an optimal abstand.


Ruckzuck watermark is easy to use and automatically calculates the optimal color for the watermark.

Ruckzuck watermark of

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This program adjusts the color of the watermark to the image section on which it is placed so that an optimum contrast.
you do not need for each image the right color for the watermark choose.
Simply select as many photos from, commit text, font, position and orientation of the watermark.
Ruckzuck watermark does the rest.

To an overview of the different versions to obtain and download the Ruckzuck Watermark please click > here <

Instruction of Ruckzuck Waser characters

Start the installer.
Choose your language. select language
Confirm. the prompt with Yes
Follow the installation routine. setup
After Ruckzuck watermark is launched w auml; they choose one or more images from order to provide them with a watermark. Select Pictures
they Customize the text f & uuml; r to the watermark. eingeben">
To use an image as a watermark, click"Logo recl & auml; choose"and put the check in the"own image to use instead of text"
The image should have a transparent background. logo as a watermark
Now select the font size and the transparency and the color contrast of the watermark. font size transparency and color contrast
increase the font & ouml; sse is a percentage of the image size (100=watermark goes navigation use over the whole image).
Select bottom left by clicking on one of the small circles, the position of the watermark for portrait and landscape modes.
If no images have been selected in an upright position, the position settings for vertical image is not displayed.
order an enlarged preview to get, click on the thumbnail.
Choose the right alignment of the watermark. (horizontally, vertically, diagonally linksoben-> right down, diagonal linksunten-> upper right).
Should images be selected in portrait and landscape format, as separate choices for position and orientation are displayed for both formats.
Ruckzuck watermark automatically calculates a color with optimum contrast with the background for the watermark.
In color contrast field you can specify the color contrast in percent.
color contrast in this case is not the color saturation, but the deviation from the background color of each image section.
For color contrast "0", the watermark matches largely on the color of the background.
Want manually specify a color for the watermark, entfernensie the box "automatic color". color set manuel
now appears on the right, a colored box. color for the watermark
Please click on it, and choose a color.

A rough color selection by them in the outer circle.
Inside triangle they can refine the selection. Set Color Login Please click Apply. Login Please click Insert watermark.

Special settings (not included in the Frreware version)

Put them the hooks in special settings. Now they will also display the following options:

angle in degrees pretend

Insert indicating the check in the angle in degrees.
wearing it a value between 0 and 90 in the new field,
The watermark will be inserted in the specified angle, setting orientation is ineffective.

distance from the screen pretend

In the default configuration is calculated from the distance program to the image border. If you set specify the hook at a distance from the screen, they can specify in the picture, are the percentage of the screen width or height between watermarks and screen.


Put it in the quality field, set the quality with which the image produced is to be saved.
High quality - larger file smaller quality - smaller file. An optimal compromise zwischn Quality and Size it errreichen with values ​​of around 70 percent.

Image size Change

Set adapt the hook at Image size (standard).
Now select the first field the maximum image width and the second field the maximum image height. | stock in landscape mode are now stored with the width of the first value. | stock in portrait orientation with the height of the second value.
The side ratio is retained.
If the hook eliminator adjust as image size, the images are processed in their original size.
This may just result in very large images to a considerably longer processing time.

Output folder Select

To specify a non-default output folder,
click on this button and select connect a folder.


Set the special settings to their default values. Auto Watermark program. Protection against theft Photo / Bilderklau. Image as a watermark.
Protect. Their images with a watermark Signing your images.
The free portal!

General information about watermark


originally generated by different thicknesses of paper mark.
They are visible when you hold the paper with the watermark against the light.
This watermark characterized the different paper mills their paper.
has long be bank notes and securities marked with watermarks.
Meanwhile, watermark in various digital media such as Pictures, videos and PDF`s used.
as watermark is this text or transparent image used.
Here, the watermark is not necessarily visible.
There are no visible watermarks, which can be with the right software found on the Internet.
They say the images with such invisible watermark "scream / shout".
Certain circles are sngeblich disseminate such images on the Internet, then sending out warnings for unauthorized use.
one wanted to prevent unauthorized use, would be a visible marking safe effective. In any case, a watermark is a good protection for their photos.
The watermark should Copyright mark & ​​copy; and include the Name of the owner.

types of watermarks

Visible Watermarks

Visible watermarks are not secure protection for their photos. You
but have a deterrent effect on "Images thieves". Hotel Des further visible watermark reading also use well for advertising purposes.
Even in a lawsuit, the defendant will have bad cards when their copyright is in the picture.

Invisible Watermark

These watermarks are, as the name implies, is not visible and thus have no deterrent effect.
with specific programs that are chargeable usually, you can search the Internet images to so marked.
Even in a lawsuit these watermarks are useful.


watermarks are used in more and more media. So now pictures, videos, PDF`s, Word documents, and of course the good old paper be protected with watermarks. But even audio files and e-books can be protected with digital watermarks. In principle, a protection of all file formats in digital media is feasible by digital watermark.

rights to their own image

In Germany the rights to images are in copyright law set. In copyright law are: reproduction rights distribution rights publication rights personal rights (right to recognition of authorship and prohibition of distortion). regulated. In art copyright law, the rights will be one`s own image.
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 batch watermark free freeware


Supported operating systems:

Windows XP,
Windows Vista,
Windows 7,
Windows 8,
Windows 8.1
Respectively 32 and 64 bit

Supported languages:



This watermark program inserts quickly and easily add a watermark to multiple images a - Freeware.
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