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Simply insert watermarks quickly and effectively into any number of images.

The freeware ruckzuck watermarkis a program for anyone who digitally transmits photos or graphics on the Internet or otherwise,
as well as for photographers and graphic designers (with batch processing, automatic color, freeware)


Just insert watermarks quickly and efficiently Sign pictures Insert watermark Create signature (watermark) watermark freeware

For us, that means simple, fast and effective.


example Pictures:

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The use:

A watermark is primarily intended to make it clear to the viewer of an image that it is subject to copyright.
It should deter the user from using the image in printed media or on a foreign website.

But you can also use it to put your signature on a photo.

Simply write your signature on a sheet of paper, scan it and make the background transparent with any graphic program.
Then crop the part of the image (for example with Irfanview - drag frame, ctrl + y and save in PNG or GIF format).
Now, if you use the created image (option "use your own image instead of text"), you will have your signature on any number of images in an instant.

But a watermark is also good for advertising. For example, insert your company name into pictures, or even better, your company name and your company logo.
With our software, you can do this by recalling the images with your company name "watermarked" in the program (when navigating select to the output folder)
and in the second step select a different position and activate the option "Use own picture instead of text".
Now click on "Select logo", mark your company logo, click insert watermark "- done.
In the business version you can save these settings once via the project management
and call them up again at any time (for example, create a project text and a project logo).
This approach has the advantage that potential customers associate their company name directly with their logo.
By the time almost every potential customer knows when he sees their company logo, which company is behind it.
This effectively increases the recognition value of your company.

If you see the "E" from the Internet Explorer, the "S" from Skype, or the "f" from Facebook, you immediately know what it means.

That"s because our brain is trained in pictures and by the way To associate sounds with experiences.
In this way, they simply and effectively increase the recognition value of their company.

Conclusion: seeing + hearing = feeling = buying And that is the secret of every successful advertisement: triggering good feelings with the potential buyer.
Good feelings bring purchase mood.

Types of watermarks

Visible watermarks

Are not sure protection for their pictures.
However, they have a deterrent effect on "picture thieves".
Furthermore, visible watermarks can also be used well for

promotional purposes

Also in a lawsuit the defendant will have bad cards, if their copyright is in the picture.

Invisible watermarks

These are, as the name suggests, not visible and thus have no deterrent effect.
With special programs that are usually chargeable, you can search the Internet for such marked images.
Even in a lawsuit, these are helpful.


They are used in more and more media. Thus, photos, videos, PDFs, Word documents and of course the good old paper are protected with this. But even audio files and e-books can be protected with digital watermarks. In principle, a protection of all file formats in digital media through digital watermarks is conceivable.

Rights to your own picture

In Germany, the rights to images are defined in the Copyright Act. In the copyright law become: reproduction rights distribution rights publishing rights the personality rights (right to recognition of the authorship as well as prohibition of the distortion). regulated. The Art Copyright Act regulates the rights to one"s own image.
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