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Ruckzuck watermark, this program is Windows 10 compatible

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Ruckzuck watermark


Easy Watermark in many photos - Freeware

Signing your images/photos with Ruckzuck watermark.

Watermark program/image protection.

Ruckzuck watermark is software for posting photographic images or graphics on the Internet or digital to pass in a different form, as well as for photographers and graphic designers.

Protect them with their pictures watermark/copyright theft and piracy.

Ruchzuck watermark binds watermark in their digital images.
The program processes all the photo folders in one operation.

It will automatically use the best color for the watermark.

New in Ruckzuck Watermark 4.0:
project management (Only test and Business versions)
.You can use any TTF font from your PC for Using Watermarks Hotel (not in the free version included).
The orientation and location of the watermark can now be set separately for vertical and horizontal format
The trial version provides full inserted an additional watermark.
The freeware version is limited to 1 image per day. There is nospecial positions and no project management.

  Click on one of the images to see examples:  

create watermark/insertwatermark sample imageimage as a watermark sample imagewatermark example imagesample image logo as watermark>sample image watermarkimage watermarkwatermark For imagesimage watermark Software products createsample pictures watermark programwatermarkimage watermark software is addwatermarked imageswatermarked images
The program is easy to use and easy to convert entire folders of images in one operation .

The location and orientation of the watermark can be easily selected with this program.

The size and transparency of the watermark can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.

And the highlight, the program automatically selects a color with optimum contrast of the watermark to the background. automatic color

The color contrast of the watermark can be adjusted.

You can use a transparent image in format gif or png as watermark.
location, orientation, size and transparency can also be selected for the pasted image.
The images are automatically rotated by Exif data.

The image size can be adjusted as desired.
The angle of the watermark to 90 ° be freely chosen.

This program is for everyone, from children to seniors insert possible to easily and quickly watermark in any number of images.

The color contrast of the watermark can be adjusted.
Enter in color contrast 0 in to gestallten the watermark very inconspicuous.
you can specify the abstand of the watermark from the edge of the image (in percent)
or calculate the program an optimal abstand.


Ruckzuck watermark is easy to use and automatically calculates the optimal color for the watermark.

Ruckzuck watermark of

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 batch watermark free freeware


Supported operating systems:

Windows XP,
Windows Vista,
Windows 7,
Windows 8,
Windows 8.1
Respectively 32 and 64 bit

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This watermark program inserts quickly and easily add a watermark to multiple images a - Freeware.
Model: 4.0
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