Windows 8 Update error KB3000061

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Windows 8 Update Error repair

If after rebooting the PC's this or a similar message:

"Error configuring updates":

they open the Control Panel, click on Windows Update
click View update history.
Search it by KB3000061.
If after the appropriate update "error" will be displayed,
click on back and then look for updates.
Click on "X-Priority Updates".
Then right click on KB3000061 and update.
Restart the PC.
Now when no error occurred during the update, follow the process below.
Press the Windows (Start) button and enter "regedit".
Run as Administrator
- right click on regedit.exe.Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Winevt \".
Right click -> Export, save
.Delete channels, filter and Publishers.
Open the Control Panel, click on Windows Update
Click on hidden updates.
Highlight KB3000061, and click restore.
Click Scan for updates.
If you are prompted, restart the PC.
Now the automatic updates of Windows 8 should work as usual.

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Windows8 update repair.
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