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History of watermark

Watermarks are originally recorded using different paper thicknesses .
They are visible when you hold the paper up to the light.
By this method, characterized the different paper mills their paper.
For a long time also notes with watermarks are marked.
Nowadays watermarks are also in various digital media, such as Photos, videos and PDF's used.
In this case, the watermark is not necessarily visible.
There are invisible watermark which can be found with certain programs on the Internet.
It also says the images with such watermarks "call/cry".
Certain circles are spread such images on the Internet to send only to subsequently expensive warnings for the unauthorized use.
Was intended to prevent unauthorized use, a visible marking would certainly make more sense. In any case, a watermark is a good protection against the images theft.
Ideally contains the watermark copyright symbol © and the owner's name.

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