Program to Insert watermark into images

Instructions to insert digital watermark with Super-fast watermark into Images



Start the installation program.
Confirm the prompt with Yes.
Choose english as a language.
Follow the installation routine.
After Super-fast Water Mark is started, select one or more images to insert a watermark.
Do they fit the text for the watermark.
To use an image as a watermark, click on "Select logo" and set the hook with "own image instead of text using"
The image should have a transparent background.
Now, select the font size and transparency of the watermark.
The font size is given in percent of the image size (100 = watermark goes over the whole image).
Select the bottom left by clicking on one of the small circles, the position of the watermark.
To get a larger preview, click on the thumbnail.
Choose the right alignment of the watermark. (Horizontally, vertically, diagonally linksoben-> right down, diagonal linksunten-> right above).
The Super-fast watermark software calculates the watermark automatically a color with optimal contrast to the background.
Click to insert it on the watermark.

Super-fast water mark easily, quickly and efficiently, with the Super-fast watermark software.

Super-fast watermark the best watermark software.

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